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Most of us have experienced a stuck magazine at one time or the other, but the raters cannot recall this happening with a Glock or SIG pistol. The APX Beretta even accommodates right or left-handed use because its magazine release button and slide stop are ambidextrous. The striker runs forward but not with enough force to fire the pistol. Weight: 27.7 oz. I haven't done the P320, but I broke the APX down a few times, including at the counter of a gun shop, IE without a work bench and suite of tools. The Beretta features a double-action first-shot trigger. If we’re looking at them as home-defense guns, then size is less of an issue. Function of the controls and the suitability of the sights and trigger for combat shooting are important considerations. We like this takedown better than the Glock; on our pistols, it is equal to the SIG and not stiff as the Beretta APX lever. Specifically designed for military and law enforcement operators, both of these pistols are tried and tested. The magazines were difficult to load, and the slide was difficult to rack. Hundreds of millions of dollars were spent on this contest and over 500 million will be spent on the pistols. Gun Tests has been independently reviewing firearms since 1989. In testing these handguns, certain adjustments must be made gun to gun. The rater must also be able to fire accurately from a solid benchrest. The magazine is feed reliable and features a strong spring. There is no speed penalty in actuating the safety with this system. Once we got past the heavy first trigger press, and we decocked and went through this press with every magazine load, the Beretta featured excellent combat results. Gun Tests relies on raters who carry and use firearms on a daily basis, but occasionally we draft a novice with no preconceived notions to see how a pistol may be received by those with less experience. Written By Sam M Published On November 29, 2017 August 26, 2020 Category Guns SIG Sauer. The frame and handle are actually slim in comparison to the slide and fit most hands well. You could buy an APX, a Sig P320, a Glock 19/17/45, HK VP9, M&P 2.0, or a Walther PPQ, and they’re all going to be good to go. This is a polymer-frame striker-fired pistol. A combination of a good sight picture for daylight shooting and excellent visibility in dim-light shooting earned the highest rating for sights. I'd like to hear thoughts from anyone who's owned or shot both. The handle features a combination of pebbling and serrations that all found provided good adhesion and without a lot of abrasion. There may be internal differences, but the pistol tested is as close as possible to the U.S. M17 available. The trigger is pressed against a drawbar that cocks and drops the hammer. Their mix of training, police and military, is unified by NRA training. So what was so bad about the Beretta M9? Some felt this was too much, but it did not affect holstering in the cheap fabric holster we put to use during the range test. Groups were well centered. In the Beretta APX, you can use a 9mm Luger and 40 S&W ammunition while the Sig Sauer P320 only caters to a 9mm Luger ammo. Trigger reset is a short 0.1 inch. Nothing could be further from the truth. BuckyP, Dec 1, 2017. It is difficult to press cartridges into the magazine and to the rear. It looks somewhat less so in the video. The safety is mounted on the slide. Mea culpa : il s’agit en fait bel et bien d’une platine à simple action sur laquelle le percuteur est constamment armé. Regardless, both aren’t full-size … Yet it is a service-grade pistol with excellent reliability and good combat-shooting ability. The tapered magazine and generous magazine well make for rapid reloads under stress. The M17 is based on the P320. The grip fits most hands well and the sights are excellent. The Beretta 92 shows the age of its design with a slide-mounted decocker and long DA trigger pull. The SIG Sauer Elite V-Crown provided a 2.75-inch group, and the Black Hills loading was slightly smaller with a 2.5-inch group. The APX and accessories are delivered in a hard plastic box with a lock. After the upgrade, the Sig Sauer P320’s trigger was crisper than the Beretta APX. This is a recent price from The curvature of the trigger face is less than the SIG and other DAO handguns on hand for comparison. Thread Tools ... though admittedly a little more complex than the P320, from what I understand. Both are great guns, of course, as proven by their loyal followings, but there seems to be no real consensus on which is the best. This works well in practice, and the Glock 45 was at least equal to the SIG P320-M17 9mm in speed loads. He has written 14 books on firearms. When firing +P loads, we felt the SIG P320-M17 exhibited the least recoil of any of the handguns tested. It’s a solid trigger that breaks at 6.5 pounds. We used the Winchester 115-grain full-metal-jacket load for this. The Beretta 92 is a pistol from the era of the SIG P226 and CZ 75. The pistol is a good choice for those who prefer modular construction and adjustability. Beretta M9 Vs. Sig Sauer P320: How the P320 Won America’s Toughest Gun Competition. offers a night-sight package that includes removing the rear sight from your frame, machining off the front sight, and installing a Trijicon 3-dot rear and pinned front sight tandem for $299 plus $18 shipping. Height: 5.19 in. The biggest difference with the X style frames is the extended beavertail and trigger guard undercut. But we did not rate the pistol down in this regard. The grip is checkered and offers a good grasping surface, but it produces little adhesion when firing. All polymer-frame pistols are slide heavy to an extent, but the Glock 45 pistol gave good results. I wonder how much these aggressive serrations might interfere with holstering the weapon, or how much they might chew up a leather holster. The Beretta APX played tag with the Glock 45 for top combat firing in this exercise, with the Glock besting the Beretta by a margin. It is also the largest overall in terms of length and height, which makes it less suitable as a carry handgun for most people, in our opinion. Based on long-term experience, we feel that the SIG P226, CZ 75 Omega and Rex Zero 9mm are tactically as capable as the Beretta 92, while individuals will prefer one pistol to the other. The Glock presently holds over 75% of the American police market. Reset is rapid as the trigger finger moves forward. Another rater is a military officer with extensive experience in the Middle East and Kosovo and has trained soldiers on the handgun. Calibers: 9mm Luger . Unlike on the Beretta and the Glock, there is no bifurcated trigger. The P320-M17 offers an easy field strip. Government Shutdown: No Suppressors for You! Top Gun Supply is one source that offers full-size grip modules with the full-size grip, full-size modules with the medium grip, and carry-size grip modules with the carry grip, from $40 to $59. The Glock was easier to rack. The trigger was the most controversial aspect of the SIG P320-M17. One of the most common questions we get asked here at GND is whether you should buy a Glock 19 or a Sig P320. But it was there that I stumbled upon a newfound infatuation with the Sig Sauer P320. The new Glock 45 is a direct result of Glock’s experience in the military trials and also a result of criticism of the 19X. The magazine was very difficult to load, even for our adult male raters. Pour info, j’ai eu de nouveau en main un SIG-Sauer P320 et j’ai pu vérifier le fonctionnement de sa platine. We liked the cocking grooves, the striker-release safety feature, and the feel of the grip. The press is difficult to manage when attempting to achieve maximum accuracy. Sig Sauer vs. Glock: Why the Navy SEALs Dumped the P226 for the Glock 19. We chose the Compact version of the Beretta APX because this size is more in sync with the Glock 45, and the compact is far more likely to be chosen for concealed-carry use. Compare that to the 6.7in overall length, 4.7in height, and 3.6in barrel length of P-320. The big difference between all those guns is the APX is 100-150 bucks cheaper at retail, but at the end they all do the exact same thing: carry 15-17 rounds, accept red dots, and are boringly reliable. For three decades, the U.S. Navy’s Sea Air Land (SEAL) special-forces … The pistol is reliable and accurate as well as soft shooting. Sig 320 9mm vs Beretta APX 9mm Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by venenoindy, Nov 29, 2017. The grip frame fit the raters’ hands well, and there were no complaints about adhesion when firing. The Glock 45 is configured to meet the consumer’s need. One of the best features of the M17, in our opinion, is the sight set. The cocking serrations are superior to the SIG P320-M17, in our view. It may not be the best concealed-carry handgun, but it is a credible combat pistol. In the proper drill, the slide is locked to the rear and then a magazine is inserted. This polymer-frame striker-fired handgun is a modern design that should compete with other handguns similarly configured. It was too heavy for our tastes. The Beretta APX features aggressive full-length slide serrations that make slide manipulations easy under any conditions and have more superior comfort of the grip. The Glock pistol gave the best combat results by a margin. We test the Beretta APX Compact, Glock 45, and SIG P320-M17 to see which of these pistols might be the best choice for civilian shooters who carry concealed and who need personal defense. The SIG, however, had less take up, and it put up a “wall” we had to master. The trigger feels different than original Glock triggers up to the Gen4. In general, the raters liked the Glock trigger better for combat shooting. This is the only pistol with an integral front sight that cannot be changed. Archived. Also noticeably absent is the brand new Beretta APX, because I don’t have one either, but if I win the contest I promise I’ll do a new head to head with it as soon as I get it! Home Glock 19 vs. Sig Sauer P320: Why I Love Them Both. We ran into a problem when loading the magazine that will be a cause of concern for some buyers. 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